How to Make a Handheld Pool Vacuum

How to Make a Handheld Pool Vacuum

Rob Cox , April 9, How to select an automatic pool cleaner Pool cleaners can make the life of a pool owner much easier. If your pool was built with a pool cleaner in mind, selection of a new or replacement pool cleaner is much simpler. But what if you never had a pool cleaner? How does one wade through over 60 different pool cleaners – to find the pool cleaner that will do the best job for your pool type, shape and size? Let’s start simply – by first making a distinction between inground and above ground pool cleaners. This will narrow down your choices to two large categories. From there – it’s a matter of weighing the benefits of each pool cleaner type: Suction, Robotic and Pressure type pool cleaners.

Soft Sided Above Ground Pools

Quick and easy to assemble Can be set up on most any level surface No tools required. Snap together framework contains no nuts, bolts or screws. Strong plastic construction provides years of hassle-free use. Automatic Vacuum Why add another chore to the list.

Hi, The Intex Hose Connection Kit (4K) will work with the Intex SF Sand Filter Pump. Asked on 6/16/ by Richard Wyatt We are looking for a 2 1/4 Adapter with O-Ring for INTEX pool.

Handheld Pool Cleaners Handheld Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Reviews This page is intended for “handheld pool vacuums” so if you are looking for a review of traditional suction cleaners, pressure cleaners of robotic pool vacuums then read the Pool Vac Reviews found here. Every now and again you stumble upon a product that makes you stop and think Looking at it, it makes perfect sense as to why this product exists, and you can instantly see many ways that it will improve or enhance your life in some way when it comes to day to day maintenance of your pool.

In a nutshell this is a small, battery operated vacuum cleaner think along the lines of a dust buster vacuum on steroids that attaches to your telescopic pool pole. It does not need to be connected via vacuum hoses to your pool skimmer, nor does it require an electrical cord like a robotic cleaner. As a day to day maintenance and spot cleaning vacuum there has simply never been a better product on the market for this purpose.

Compare Vacuum for Coleman Pool prices in Consumer Reports

We are having trouble with remembering how to connect everything since we didn’t get to open the pool last season. We are not using the heater or the auto chlorinator as they are both broken. We have a Pentair sand filter that we just cleaned out and replaced the sand with new. I understand the skimmer bottom connects to the front of the pump and that the pool wall is connected to the ‘pool return’, what gets connected to the pvc drain pipes?

The strong and reliable Intex E GPH Filter Pump features a built-in automatic timer that allows you to set a daily cleaning cycle convenient to you. The design of this pump makes installation as easy as can be while the quality construction provides durability for a long life.

Pool Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid 1. Vacuuming large debris through skimmer without using a leaf trap. A leaf trap has a bag inside for catching debris and is placed between the end of your pool vacuum hose and the skimmer. It keeps leaves from clogging your skimmer line when you vacuum. It’s OK to not to use a leaf trap as long as you are vacuuming small things that can’t clog the skimmer line, but never go without it when sucking out acorns, sticks, large quantities of leaves, etc.

This can lead to a service call to unclog the skimmer line. It’s the best on the market!

How To Vacuum An Intex Pool With A Standard Pool Vacuum Head And Hose

We got this “hose connector” at the beginning of the summer and it has been working great! We can finally sweep our pool the “normal” way. Too bad you didn’t demonstrate some of the text I was seeing is what I meant: Too bad you didn’t demonstrate some of the things you were saying. Thank you so much! Heading to ACE Hardware today!

An Intex swimming pool is a pre-made above ground pool pools come in a variety of sizes and depths as well as withor without pumps.

Filters gallons L of water per hour. Hoses required for hook-up between your pool and the pump are included. Keep your pool water clean for continuous summer fun! Efficient filtration is essential for a quality swim experience. Who wants to swim in a dirty pool? The Skooba Max is ideal for cleaning soft-wall, above-ground pools with low-flow filtration systems. It easily removes debris and sand from the bottom of your pool without clogging.


Hook Up Pool Vacuum Hose So, with a salt water system, you still must maintain your water balance pool chemistry properly.. An ultraefficient air filter will immediately clog up and become ineffective during everyday use, and practical filters are a compromise between filtering effectiveness and restriction of airflow. These are little robots, kind of like Roombas, that go over your whole pool to give it a good clean. The first thing you need to know is there are actually four very different types of pool vacuum: The pump runs on electricity which is why filter should touch the ground and fixed by a professional electrician.

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So the first day I used the vacuum, I was so frustrated I wanted to return the whole package to Amazon. We had the filter pump running on our 15×42 pool and I could not get any suction at all.

Most of us would fight by hook or by crook until our gums bleed out just to not have to do it. This is why pool cleaners are such a desirable product, they make the task of pool cleaning all that much more bearable. There are inertia driven and robotic suction cleaners, the inertia ones are by large, an outdated product, as it takes them much, much longer to clean the whole surface of the pool than it does a robotic.

They are also by far the cheapest variety of cleaner to maintain, this means that if maintenance costs are what worry you, you should probably get a suction cleaner. Pressure cleaners are powerful, more so than suction cleaners, requiring an extra booster pump is most of where their flaws stem from. They require either an additional hose connection on the pool wall or some models will connect straight to the connection you already have on it.

However, due to the large amount of pressure that pressure cleaners require, this may affect the filter in the pool negatively and wear it out much quicker than if you were using a different kind of cleaner. Depending on the strength of your filter, and whether or not you have the secondary connection on your pool wall to put a hose without one in, these can be the most expensive sort of cleaner to maintain. There is a brand-new method of pool cleaning which has been introduced to the pool cleaning world recently, robotic cleaners could be said to have made a minor revolution since their debut.


Originally Posted by shyguylh I have an Intex 15×4 foot round metal-framed pool. It’s a lot of fun except for 2 things– 1 cleaning the bottom and 2 the water warming up quickly enough. I don’t know what the model number is, but I have an Intex thing where you attach a garden hose to a round thing with some sort of white bag tied to it, you run it on the bottom. First, unless your pool bottom is absolutely dead-on free of wrinkles mine have a few wrinkles or “creases” it seems to want to “scatter” the debris all over the place.

How to vacuum a swimming pool with a hose. If you don’t have a skimmer, don’t worry. You can clean your swimming pool using a hose as well. Connect the hose to a vacuum and lower it into the swimming pool .

Make sure to purchase the needed hose conversion kit. Easy installation — Just hook-up hoses and plug-in. It has a double insulated pump. Air release valve for air trapped inside filter chamber. Sediment flush valve at bottom of filter chamber. It is also an ideal and great replacement pump for smaller pools where an upgrade to a larger filter pump unit is desired.

Easy installation, just hook-up hoses and plug in. Pump features a thicker, heavier paper cartridge. The Intex Recreation Corp is a member of the Intex family of companies and they have been helping people have fun for over 40 years. Intex is the world leader in both designing and producing high quality, innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation. Their above ground pools, pool accessories, pool toys, airbeds, and boats are known around the world for their tremendous value.

You can find at Amazon.

Intex pool vacuum conversion to regular vacuum

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